Statement Reconciliation
Credit Cards – Invoice Statements – Bank statements Expense accounts are approved, processed, and reconciled with fully automated workflows. Providing audit trails with encryption and backend tools to ensure authenticity. One platform for all financial or accounting needs, completely paperless in a secure environment.
  • Eliminates manual paper processes with automated matching and verification.
  • Automate recurring payments
  • Automated email remainders to card holders
  • Reports and Audit trails
  • Unlimited credit card holders
  • Seamless integration to existing accounting software or ERP
How we can help
Our primary software, DocuWare, enables us to customise document and data management solutions that can solve complex process challenges.
Data Capture & Entry
Our world-leading software enables easy data capture from any source, such as printers or scanners. You can also create automated processes that eliminate manual data entry.
Document Management
Store, search and manage all your financial documents in one centralised location. Our solutions also enable you to link documents, streamlining document management across your business workflows.
Automate Accounts Processes
We can help you build digital automations for document and data management across your accounts workflows, helping you work faster, with less risk.
Streamline Document Approvals
Consolidate and automate document workflows and approvals, giving your team more time to focus on high-value tasks rather than sifting through endless paperwork or emails.
Integrate Existing Systems
Our document and data management solutions enable integration of other financial software you may use such as Myob, Xero or Quickbooks, streamlining data transfer, and improving financial and reporting processes.
Save time & redirect resources
Digitising and automating your document and data management will enable you to increase productivity, improve efficiency and redirect labour resources to more important tasks.
One Platform. Infinite Possibilities.

Docuworx is a platinum partner of DocuWare, a world-leading document and data management platform used across more than 90 countries worldwide. Our custom solutions leverage the reliability of DocuWare across our implementations, assuring you complete confidence in undertaking your digital transformation.

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