The Engineering industry can leverage the numerous benefits of document management and workflow automation to gain a competitive edge. With the implementation of Docuworx, the secure central storage of documents ensures easy access for employees working in the office or remotely. Design drawings, material orders, production documents, sales orders, and invoices can all be accessed 24/7, empowering your organisation to enhance operational efficiency, make informed decisions, and drive overall productivity.
  • Contract Management: Streamline and automate the entire lifecycle of contracts, from creation to renewal. The platform provides a centralised repository with automated version control for storing and organising all documentation, with robust security features, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive contract data whilst providing quick and easy access to critical information.
  • Digital Forms: Digital forms offer streamlined data collection, eliminating manual paperwork, reducing errors, enhancing accuracy, and enabling efficient data collection for design specifications, quality control, project progress, safety compliance, and more. They also facilitate real-time collaboration, data sharing, and faster decision-making processes.
  • Accounts payable & receivable: Automating accounts payable and receivable processes in an engineering business brings numerous benefits, including increased efficiency, reduced manual errors, improved cash flow management, enhanced financial visibility, and streamlined financial operations.
  • Workflow Automation: Workflow automation with Docuworx offers numerous benefits to engineering businesses by streamlining and accelerating key processes, reducing manual errors, improving task prioritisation and assignment, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration among team members, and ultimately increasing overall operational efficiency and productivity.
  • Human Resources: Automating HR processes, including Employee records, facilitating efficient onboarding and offboarding processes, automating performance management and evaluation processes, enabling easy access to HR policies and procedures, and collaboration within the HR department saves time, increases accuracy, enhances compliance, improves the employee experience, and results in more efficient HR operations.
  • Project Management: Automating business processes in an engineering business significantly improves project management by enabling real-time collaboration, enhancing document control and versioning, streamlining workflows and approvals, providing instant access to critical project information, and ensuring better project visibility and coordination among team members.
Key Features & Benefits
Docuworx enhances productivity and fosters collaboration in engineering businesses by providing a centralised platform for document storage, retrieval, and version control, enabling real-time collaboration on project documents, facilitating efficient information sharing across teams, and improving overall document organisation and accessibility.
Maintain Control of Documents
Docuworx ensures control and security of documents in engineering businesses by implementing user permissions and access controls, maintaining an audit trail of document activities, enforcing document version control, and offering secure storage and retrieval mechanisms, thus safeguarding critical engineering data and intellectual property.
Integrating with Existing systems
Docuworx's integration with existing systems enables seamless data exchange, eliminates manual data entry and duplication, enhances data accuracy and consistency, and improves overall workflow efficiency by ensuring smooth collaboration and interoperability between various software applications used in engineering processes.
Security & Compliance
The Docuworx platform with robust security and compliance capabilities ensures that engineering businesses can safeguard sensitive data, protect intellectual property, adhere to industry regulations and standards, and maintain data integrity throughout the document lifecycle, providing a secure and compliant environment for critical engineering information.
Docuworx's agile and mobile document management system empowers engineering businesses to access, collaborate, and manage critical documents and information from anywhere, anytime, enabling seamless remote work, field operations, and real-time decision-making, ultimately enhancing organisational productivity and efficiency.
Flexibility and Scalability
Our flexible and scalable platform empowers engineering businesses to adapt to changing needs and accommodate growth, allowing for the efficient management of increasing volumes of documents and workflows, improved collaboration with stakeholders, and the ability to scale operations without limitations, ensuring long-term success and competitiveness in the industry.
One Platform. Infinite Possibilities.

Unleash the infinite possibilities of a flexible and scalable document management system that empowers engineering businesses to adapt, innovate, and expand their operations seamlessly. With its limitless potential, Docuworx enables efficient management of documents, workflows, and collaboration, fostering endless opportunities for growth, optimisation, and success in the ever-evolving engineering industry.

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