Accounts Payable
Optimise your accounts payable process and embark on a digital transformation with automated invoice processing. Docuworx provides intelligent capabilities to capture and match paper and electronic invoices with purchase orders. With our customisable workflows, you can efficiently manage the approval process, ensuring smooth and streamlined operations seamlessly integrated with your ERP system and approved amounts posted to the general ledger.
Key Benefits
  • Validate Invoices: By leveraging intelligent indexing capabilities, you can accurately validate invoices for their correctness. The self-learning system intelligently matches invoices with related purchase orders, ensuring accuracy and minimising errors.
  • Streamlined Approval Process: Establish a multi-step approval process for invoices, accommodating complex approval workflows. It even supports split code billing, allowing multiple approvals based on specific criteria.
  • Efficient Document Management: Directly import invoices into defined and easily searchable file structures. Ensuring that invoices are correctly organised and readily accessible whenever needed, saving time and reducing the risk of document misplacement.
  • Exception Handling: The intelligent dynamic capabilities enable the seamless handling of exception-level approvals, reprocessing rejected invoices, and efficiently ensuring the management of exceptional cases, reducing delays and streamlining the invoice processing workflow.
  • Seamless Integration with ERP: Easy integration with ERP systems allows for automatically posting approved invoice amounts directly back to the ERP system. Eliminating manual data entry and ensuring accurate and timely financial records are updated.
  • Improved Cash Flow Management: With the prompt processing of invoices, you can keep track of due dates, and status changes effectively. This visibility into invoice processing enables you to manage cash flow more efficiently, optimising financial operations and ensuring timely payments.
How we can help
Automating your accounts payable processes with Docuworx can achieve greater accuracy, faster approvals, streamlined document management, improved exception handling, seamless integration with ERP systems, and enhanced cash flow management. Ultimately driving efficiency and productivity across your organisation
Data Capture & Entry
Docuworx makes data capture effortless, allowing you to retrieve information from any source, including emails, printers and scanners. Moreover, our process automation enable you to streamline your workflows, eliminating manual data entry.
Document Management
Consolidate and simplify your document management. Store, search, and manage all your documents in a centralised location, ensuring easy access and organisation and seamless integration across your business processes.
Automate Accounts Processes
Experience the benefits of our automated workflows, optimising your accounts processes for greater speed, accuracy, and reduced risk. Work faster and more efficiently with our streamlined solutions.
Streamline Document Approvals
Automate and streamline document workflows and approvals, allowing your team to prioritise high-value tasks instead of getting bogged down by paperwork and emails.
Integrate Existing Systems
With seamless integration capabilities, Docuworx effortlessly integrates with your current IT ecosystem and empowers you to harness its powerful features within your preferred business applications.
Save time & redirect resources
By digitising your document and automating business processes, you can boost productivity, enhance efficiency, and reallocate valuable resources to higher-priority tasks.
One Platform. Infinite Possibilities.

Docuworx consolidates and oversees business documents and information storage within a central digital system. Our platform empowers staff to seamlessly advance information through automated, predefined business processes using robust workflow capabilities. Facilitating smooth information flow, Docuworx ensures informed decision-making at every stage.

InvoCare Improves Accounts Payable Data Accuracy by 80%
“With DocuWare, we have managed to increase our data capturing efficiency by around 80% already! Saw improvements within the first couple of weeks of using DocuWare and I see a lot of potential in DocuWare to develop tools that can make our team more efficient and provide a better outcome for our operational teams and the client families that they serve”. Says Laura Moscoso, Invocare’s Accounts Payable Manager.

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