Document Management
In a rapidly evolving business landscape, every organisation must have a secure and well-structured repository that protects vital documents from potential risks such as loss, theft, or unauthorised access. A system that provides document version control, access controls, advanced search and retrieval options, workflow automation, and collaborative tools, ensuring efficient and secure document management.
  • Centralised Document Storage: An organised document system makes it easier for employees to access the necessary information, eliminating the time wasted searching for documents across multiple locations or systems.
  • Automated Document Routing: Automate the routing of documents to the right people or departments for review, approval, or other actions, eliminating manual tasks of physically passing documents or sending them through email, ensuring faster and more accurate processing.
  • Version Control: With version control features, Docuworx allows multiple users to collaborate on a document while keeping track of changes and maintaining a history of revisions. Eliminate confusion caused by working on outdated versions and enabling efficient collaboration
  • Workflow Automation: Automate repetitive tasks and processes through workflow automation. It allows organisations to define and implement specific workflows, including sequential or parallel approval processes, task assignments, notifications, and deadline management.
  • Integration with Other Systems: Integrate with business systems like customer relationship management (CRM) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. This integration enables seamless data exchange and streamlined workflows between different systems, reducing duplicate data entry and manual efforts.
  • Secure: Docuworx employ encryption techniques to protect data during transmission and storage. Encryption ensures that documents and information remain safe, even if intercepted or accessed by unauthorised individuals.
How it works

Docuworx simplifies document management, improves productivity, enhances collaboration, and ensures secure and efficient access to critical business documents. Primarily, the goal remains to streamline document-centric processes and optimise information management.

The system stores documents securely and organised, typically using centralised storage. Documents are indexed and categorised based on metadata, allowing efficient search and retrieval.

Users can search and retrieve documents using intelligent search criteria or complete their assigned tasks within the workflow automation system. They can collaborate, share information, and track progress within the platform, promoting transparency and accountability.

The system includes archiving capabilities to store inactive or historical documents separately and applies retention policies to manage document lifecycles to comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

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