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New Vaccination & Testing Management for HR
By Carlos Lucia
Successful HR departments are flexible and always ready to adapt to the evolving needs of today’s workforce.
Increase Enrolments and Improve Sustainability by Going Paperless with Docuworx
By Kym Bellett
Paper-based systems drastically reduces productivity and increases costs, but what of the risk we pose to the environment by using paper? Going paperless reduces forest impact, lessens the waste dumped into landfills, cuts energy use and lessens the impact on climate change.
A Business Case for AP Automation
The digital era has come with new opportunities and challenges for finance departments.
Legally Compliant eSignatures
By Carlos Lucia
Sign from anywhere – No paper needed
Process Automation adds Value to your Business
By Carlos Lucia
Every month, businesses spend countless hours on repetitive and manual tasks which waste time and ultimately cost them money. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.
Free up your Business Valuable Resources
By Carlos Lucia
Taking advantage of technology that can improve efficiency and productivity is more important than ever in today’s ultra-competitive business environment.
Is your business well prepared for digital transformation?
By Carlos Lucia
Four out of five C-level executives are confident their businesses are well-prepared digitally. However, only 58% of their managers agree.
Docuworx Australia Recognised with DocuWare Customer Service Champion Award
By Carlos Lucia
Docuworx Australia is pleased to announce that it is recognised as a Customer Service Champion from world-leading document management system provider DocuWare. Docuworx is the only Platinum Partner of DocuWare in Australia and only partner to receive the recognition in the APAC region.
Work from anywhere with Docuworx
By Carlos Lucia
As organizations around the world prepare for their employees to return to the workplace, a recent research report has found that 83% of people say a hybrid work model is optimal.
Ready to work from home? 5 essential tools to ensure you remain productive
As the impacts of COVID-19 continue to be felt worldwide, an increasing number of businesses are allowing their employees to work from home.
COVID-19 speeds up Australian companies’ digital transformations by six years
Over the past several decades, companies worldwide have been on the slow and inevitable march towards digitisation. While almost all had come to grips with the Internet and mobile technology, none were truly ready for the great remote work experiment caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
5 Ways Digital Transformation Can Benefit Your School
Anyone working in education soon finds out that it is a very document-heavy business. Masses of paperwork is generated, including applications, records and invoices. On top of that, there are the documents created and required by the faculty, staff and school suppliers. From the smallest primary school up to the biggest university, schools are often overloaded with documents.