Docuworx can optimise the key stages of the customer journey, from initial contact to the final contract.
  • Access documents anywhere
  • Control contracts, renewals and extensions
  • Stay within Outlook
  • Manage marketing content
  • Switch to electronic signatures
  • Manage document versions and route for approvals
How we can help
Each client’s record is centralised, organised and ready when you need it. Any time and anywhere.
Archive and find any document right from Outlook, ERP or CRM
Source of Truth
Manage and share sales and marketing documents centrally to create one “source of truth” for key information
Sales Representatives
Access customer records, manage proposals and contracts effortlessly.
Sales Administration
Streamline proposal creation trace contracts and invoice status in their approval workflows
Create eForms and workflows to support new processes.
Manage brochures, white papers, presentations and other assets to easily share with colleagues, any time and anywhere.
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