Our team has helped guide dozens of organisations throughout Australia through their digital transformation. Find out how Docuworx helped improve their organisational processes.
InvoCare Improves Accounts Payable Data Accuracy by 80%
“With DocuWare, we have managed to increase our data capturing efficiency by around 80% already! Saw improvements within the first couple of weeks of using DocuWare and I see a lot of potential in DocuWare to develop tools that can make our team more efficient and provide a better outcome for our operational teams and the client families that they serve”. Says Laura Moscoso, Invocare’s Accounts Payable Manager.
Field Services
Docuworx helps Electel Resources to grow by facilitating its digital transformation
“I believe Docuworx can assist businesses of any size and in any industry. By implementing DocuWare, Docuworx has helped Electel Resources transform its business processes from being manually performed to a more efficient digital way and continue to grow”. Says Nicholas Shearer, CFO of Electel Resources.
Days Eggs Streamlines its Operations with Docuworx
“I can recommend DocuWare because of the time, space, and cost savings the system has delivered to us. I love new technology and so for me DocuWare is brilliant”. Says Naaman Stephenson from Days Eggs.
Maggie Beer Group Improves its AP and HR Processes
“Thanks to DocuWare, we have saved one full-time employee, which would have cost us around A$65,000 a year”. Says Eddie Woods, Group CFO.
Coomera Anglican College Implements Digital Platform with Docuworx
“I would unreservedly recommend Docuworx and DocuWare to other schools and businesses. It works particularly well in a school environment with high compliance requirements” said Darryl Hall, IT Service Manager at Coomera Anglican College
Polygon Group Saves on Staffing Costs with Docuworx
“Docuworx has most definitely saved us from employing a new AP person, which would have probably cost us about A$60,000 a year”. Says David Ludbey, director of The Polygon Group.
Docuworx Helps Gliderol Improve its Auditing Process & Transition to Remote Working
Gliderol is an Australian manufacturing company that has been providing its customers with state-of-the-art garage doors for over 40 years. The company has production facilities in every major capital city in the country and produces and supplies garage doors nationwide. Gliderol has a workforce of around 200 people comprised of office staff, factory floor personnel, managers and supervisors. Docuworx recently spoke with Leanne Baston, CFO at Gliderol, regarding her experience using DocuWare and how it has helped her team.
Streamlining workflows for an established fluid systems manufacturer
Customer focus, continuous improvement and innovation are just some of the core company values that have helped Swagelok Manchester to become a leading provider of fluid system solutions to customers in the North-West of England for 35 years.
Testing positive for better service and cash flow
The Mercy Clinical Laboratory implemented DocuWare in order to better manage lab orders. The results are all positive. The Lab reduced the time-to-bill by one day increasing its billing capacity by $210,000 per day. These new efficiencies reduced the backlog of lab orders to bill by half and gave the staff the ability to answer questions about an order instantaneously. Digital information is now shared with other departments to improve patient care and the Lab's bottom line.
More Credit to the Customer
The records department at the headquarters of Invest Bank S.A. in Poznan, Poland, needed a DMS solution that would prove flexible, easy to modify and would permit adjustments to be made according to their precise specifications. Serving the needs of more than 200,000 customers, the bank required a seamless installation which was completed in less than two months. The integration with the verification and credit documentation system was equally smooth.
Document Control Software Streamlines Logistics Administration
Regional shipping company, GSC Logistics, implemented DocuWare so they could meet California Highway Patrol documentation requirements, reduce their liability, simplify document submittal and automate their document indexing and storage.
A document management solution designed for schools
York College, a regional college in North Yorkshire with 13,000 students, implemented DocuWare and digitized 150,000 documents in order to reduce physical document storage space and simplify their move to one central campus. As a result of installing the electronic document management solution the college has sped-up document retrieval time, improved document storage and security and created transparent workflows that allow the college to easily share information between departments and better serve their students.