In the ever-evolving manufacturing industry, efficiency and productivity are crucial for success. Our platform offers a cost-effective, sustainable solution that optimises production and administrative processes. Docuworx centralises and secures essential documents, facilitating collaboration and information sharing in critical areas such as product development, quality assurance, purchasing, invoice and order processing, and human resources. Embrace a more efficient and productive approach to document management, and unlock the full potential of your manufacturing operations with Docuworx.
  • Accounts payable & receivable: Docuworx automates, and streamlines accounts payable and receivable tasks, including invoice validation and matching, approval workflow routing, searchable file import, exception handling, and ERP system integration. This automation reduces manual data entry, eliminates paper workflows, improves accuracy, enhances efficiency, and provides better financial control for businesses.
  • Order Processing: Process automation revolutionises purchase order processing by automating tasks such as order creation, approval routing, order matching, order tracking, and integration with ERP systems. This automation eliminates manual errors, reduces processing time, enhances visibility and transparency, and streamlines the entire purchase order workflow.
  • Sales: Digitising document management and implementing automated workflows in sales processes enable sales teams to work more efficiently, collaborate effectively, deliver exceptional customer experiences, gain valuable insights, and ensure compliance and security in their sales operations.
  • Customer Service: Implementing an automated sales process enables businesses to improve customer service by providing faster response times, personalised interactions, accurate order processing, streamlined communication, and proactive follow-ups throughout the customer journey.
  • Project Management: Implementing a document management system and automated processes enhances project management through centralised documentation, real-time collaboration, efficient document control, automated workflows and approvals, instant access to critical information, and improved project visibility. Resulting in reduced errors, enhanced communication, increased productivity, and better project outcomes.
  • Human Resources: Automating HR processes, including Employee records, facilitating efficient onboarding and offboarding processes, automating performance management and evaluation processes, enabling easy access to HR policies and procedures, and collaboration within the HR department saves time, increases accuracy, enhances compliance, improves the employee experience, and results in more efficient HR operations.
Key Features & Benefits
Automating the accounts department processes in a manufacturing business can yield numerous benefits. Companies can streamline and optimise their financial processes by implementing a comprehensive automated strategy, increasing efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. Automating invoice processing eliminates manual data entry, reduces errors, and accelerates invoice approval and payment cycles.
Support the sales team with real-time data
Docuworx sales processes empower sales teams to personalise customer interactions, offering tailored solutions and addressing their needs. By leveraging real-time data, sales teams in the manufacturing industry can enhance their responsiveness, agility, and competitiveness, ultimately driving higher sales volumes and customer satisfaction.
Improve your customer service
Automated customer service workflows enable efficient handling of customer issues, ensuring timely resolution and customer satisfaction. By leveraging Docuworx process automation, manufacturers can provide faster response times, improved order accuracy, and personalised support, fostering strong customer relationships and loyalty.
Security & Compliance
Docuworx protects sensitive information from unauthorised access by centralising document storage and implementing robust access controls. Features such as encryption, audit trails, maintaining version control, enforcing document approval workflows, and user permissions contribute to data security. Additionally, implementing retention policies and automated document lifecycle management ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards.
Transform your business processes Leverage our expertise in document management and process automation

Revolutionise Your Manufacturing Processes with Docuworx: Streamlined Document Management and Automated Business Processes. With our comprehensive document management platform and automated workflows, manufacturing businesses in all sectors, including metal fabrication, machine parts, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals, can unlock the full potential of your operations.

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