Field Services
A modern digital solution to keep processes and people connected, even for the most remote workforces.
  • Data and Image capture
  • Workflow processes
  • Forms and document submission
  • Tasks completion and approvals
  • Accounts payable
  • Digital OH&S, JSEA’s, SWMS
Key Features & Benefits
Upload documents and images, create a process or complete tasks anywhere at any time.
Central Document Pool
Access any document from anywhere andon any device.
Secure document management means accessing information or completing tasks with no boundaries in the one platform.
Automated workflows
Keep the flow of information and tasks seamless between teams no matter their location.
Electronic webforms
Easily capture and submit information to catalysef an automated workflow.
Complete functionality on any device,whether it is IOS or Android.
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One Platform. Infinite Possibilities.

Docuworx is a platinum partner of DocuWare, a world-leading document and data management platform used across more than 90 countries worldwide. Our custom solutions leverage the reliability of DocuWare across our implementations, assuring you complete confidence in undertaking your next digital transformation.

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