Human Resources
Docuworx’s solution digitises HR processes including onboarding employees, reviewing processes and automating appraisal reminders and holiday requests routed via line managers for approvals.
  • Accelerate onboarding by sending information electronically
  • Automate routing of routine HR tasks
  • Comply with regulations and enhance data protection and access.
  • Reduce the need for paper and handling of files
  • Management the retention and deletion of documents
  • Prevent occupational risks via information and training
How we can help
With our primary software, DocuWare, a new employee needs only to provide their information once. An automated workflow can then manage the entire HR process.
On Boarding
Webforms help with onboarding as employees prefill the form to automatically populate all other internal documents.
Docuworx digitises the employees’ review process, automating appraisal remainders for line managers.
Remote Signatures
Docuware enables electronic signatures for documentation that must be exchanged and signed between different parties.
Eliminate the risk of not being compliant. DocuWare’s Automated forms ensures your JSEA’s forms are always up to date.
Trade Relations
Assistance with trade union relations and communication.
Assistance with data protection, time sheets, internal regulations, company policies and compliance
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One Platform. Infinite Possibilities.

Docuworx is a platinum partner of DocuWare, a world-renowned document and data management platform used across more than 90 countries worldwide. Our custom solutions leverage the reliability of DocuWare across our implementations, assuring you complete confidence in undertaking your digital transformation.

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