Security: Shield your Business
In today's digital world, the threat of hacking attempts, viruses, and natural disasters looms large over every business. But with DocuWare, you can confidently answer with a resounding "yes." Your business is protected. Here's why:
  • Peace of Mind: With DocuWare, protecting your business means more than just securing data—it means peace of mind. Confidently safeguard confidential information, ensure uninterrupted business operations from anywhere, anytime, and maintain complete control over your data.
  • State-of-the-Art Security Measures: DocuWare employs cutting-edge encryption, intricate permission structures, and redundant data storage in secondary locations to ensure your data remains safe from unauthorised access or loss.
  • Unmatched Transparency: Tracking documents or processes with DocuWare means unparalleled traceability and transparency. Detailed logging and analysis of all actions provide complete control over document versions, changes, and processes, empowering your team to work efficiently and transparently.
  • Confidentiality Guaranteed: With DocuWare's complex permissions structure, you dictate who can access, edit, or delete data, ensuring privacy and protection of sensitive information. Legally valid electronic signatures further verify the integrity of crucial documents in your workflow.
  • Fortified Protection Against Malware: DocuWare Cloud, built on Microsoft Azure, offers top-level protection against ransomware and other malware threats. With 99% of known viruses already accounted for, DocuWare swiftly identifies and isolates contaminated documents, preventing further spread and ensuring continuous security.
  • Emergency Recovery and Performance: Be prepared for any eventuality with DocuWare's redundant data backups and automatic scaling capabilities. Whether facing natural disasters or peak business demands, your data remains accessible, and operations continue seamlessly.
  • Document and Communication Encryption: Utilising AES encryption and TLS encryption for data traffic, DocuWare ensures maximum security for stored documents and communication channels, safeguarding critical information from prying eyes.
  • Strict Data Separation and Storage Redundancy: DocuWare Cloud strictly separates customer and system data, storing it across multiple locations for added redundancy and resilience against data loss.
Compliance Made Simple

DocuWare streamlines compliance with various regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, SOC and more, simplifying adherence to legal and industry standards while subjecting itself to regular audits for added assurance.

In a world where data security is paramount, DocuWare is your steadfast guardian, providing comprehensive protection, unmatched transparency, and seamless compliance. With DocuWare, your business isn’t just secure—it’s fortified for success.






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