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Polygon Group Saves on Staffing Costs with Docuworx
Adelaide, South Australia
“Docuworx has most definitely saved us from employing a new AP person, which would have probably cost us about A$60,000 a year”. Says David Ludbey, director of The Polygon Group.

Polygon Group has been providing Australia with rental solutions for over 35 years. Polygon started with the goal of making quality instruments available to anyone with a passion for music. As the business grew, Polygon learned of other fields where it could help people follow their passions.

Today, Polygon has about 50 full-time staff in South Australia and has expanded its business to incorporate rental solutions for other items including, computers, bicycles, photographic and sports equipment.

Docuworx recently spoke with Polygon’s Director David Ludbey about how engaging Docuworx has helped the business grow while saving on staffing costs.


What led to you seek out Docuworx?

In recent years, our business has been expanding so rapidly we needed to add someone to the accounts payable (AP) team.

Before doing so, we looked at ways in which we could automate the AP process.

After we engaged Docuworx, we realised we no longer needed to hire additional resources.


How has Docuworx helped?

We consulted with Docuworx to help us automate the AP process. They implemented DocuWare. Now that the system is running, all invoices are automatically processed and routed to the relevant people for approvals.

The invoices are seen straight away and are uploaded seamlessly into our accounting software called Greentree for payments.

Our processes were paper-based before DocuWare. Invoices would come in and go to the relevant staff members, then get authorised and sent to the AP team to file them all in old-fashioned filing systems. It was a very manual and time-consuming process which also took up a lot of space.

As we no longer require paper storage, we have more space plus, also we are more efficient. People receive the invoices by email and instantly copied straight into DocuWare. Manual tasks tend to be error-prone so, there are benefits in that aspect too.


How much has Docuworx helped you save?

Docuworx has most definitely saved us from employing a new AP person, which would have probably cost us about A$60,000 a year.

But it is even more savings than that if you also include the time saved by not having to do any of the manual work they did before on the processing of invoices.

The value of the time saved is harder to quantify, but now, our AP team have more time for high-value tasks.


 Would you recommend DocuWare and Docuworx to other businesses?

We would most certainly recommend Docuworx and DocuWare.

The benefits of using DocuWare in streamlining the AP process and the savings we have realised is most definitely worth for any business to consider.

We know the DocuWare platform offers a lot more than just AP so, we are looking to expand its use in the years ahead.

Docuworx has been very helpful in this regard. We have already talked to them about using DocuWare to process the stock serial numbers from invoices so that we don’t have to do it manually. We feel this might be the next step for us.


David Ludbey; Director, Polygon Group