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Maggie Beer Group Improves its AP and HR Processes
Food Processing & Manufacturing
South Australia
“Thanks to DocuWare, we have saved one full-time employee, which would have cost us around A$65,000 a year”. Says Eddie Woods, Group CFO.

Maggie Beer’s Group CFO, Eddie Woods, talks about how the company has benefited from the implementation of their DocuWare Document Management System by Docuworx.

Maggie Beer Holdings is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX: MBH) and has over 200 employees.


Why did you seek a DMS?

It stemmed from a desire to streamline our workflows. More than anything, it evolved because of a demonstration of DocuWare that Docuworx did for us.


How are you using DocuWare?

Maggie Beer Holdings has four subsidiaries.

We started off implementing DocuWare for Maggie Beer Products, one of the subsidiaries. We then progressed to another subsidiary, which was Paris Creek Farms. We’re now just about to roll it out to our latest acquisition which is Hampers and Gifts Australia.


Which departments are you using DocuWare in?

We started with accounts payable and then added human resources.

In accounts payable, we have integrated DocuWare to our ERP system, ESuite.

We raise the purchase orders in ESuite. When the invoices come in, they are matched against each purchase order automatically by DocuWare.

If they match, they get processed in the system. If not, DocuWare redirects them back to the originator of the purchase order to be verified.

For HR functions, we use DocuWare as a central repository for all the documentation related to our employees. It has good privacy controls which, allows the managers to see reports on every employee.

I’m sure we will find more uses for DocuWare, but these were the first two areas.


How easy was it to integrate your ERP with DocuWare?

Docuworx helped us with this process. It wasn’t difficult at all. Our ERP has the right API’s, so it was just a matter of designating which information DocuWare needed to exchange with ESuite.


How many people would be using DocuWare daily and how quickly have they been able to learn it?

I would say we have about 20 users. We did most of the training internally ourselves and had no issue whatsoever with that. We found DocuWare an easy system to learn.

Whenever we add another user, we have someone from our accounting team who explains what they need to do.


Would you recommend DocuWare to other businesses?

We have no doubt DocuWare has enhanced the control and efficiency of our processes.

Thanks to DocuWare, we have saved one full-time employee, which would have cost us around A$65,000 a year.

We were able to reduce the size of our team in June. Previously I would have had an accounts payable person within each of the subsidiaries. I now can manage all our accounts payable with just one person across all the subsidiaries.


And how about Docuworx?

Excellent. The Docuworx team are always helpful and efficient. For example, they helped us with a fixed price for the integration of ESuite.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’re getting them to implement DocuWare for the Hampers and Gifts business.

It won’t be a difficult task because our biggest hurdles were in the initial implementation. The second and third implementations have gone pretty smoothly.

Eddie Woods, Group CFO.