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Days Eggs Streamlines its Operations with Docuworx
Food Processing & Manufacturing
South Australia
“I can recommend DocuWare because of the time, space, and cost savings the system has delivered to us. I love new technology and so for me DocuWare is brilliant”. Says Naaman Stephenson from Days Eggs.

Days Eggs has been producing and delivering eggs for over 30 years. During this time, the company has become the largest egg producer in South Australia, employing about 100 employees spread over multiple sites.

The eggs are brought in from Days Eggs’ various farms across the state, packed and distributed daily from the company’s central warehouse using the latest technology.

Docuworx recently spoke to Days Eggs Sales & Logistics Co-Ordinator Naaman Stephenson to hear what benefits the company reaped from using the DocuWare Document Management System (DMS) implemented by Docuworx.


What led you to seek out a DMS?

A few years ago, we began looking into a document management system. At the time, we engaged with another service provider about implementing DocuWare. However, for various reasons, we delayed the project until recently when Docuworx approached us to see if we were still interested. After speaking with Docuworx, we decided to resume the project.


What challenges were you facing before you started using the DMS?

The biggest challenge we faced was the manual handling and the sheer amount of paperwork piling up.

Most of our invoices were received by email and printed out, but some were still coming in by post which, then all invoices had to be manually processed and approved.

So it was an exercise about trying to cut down on the amount of paperwork we had and streamlining our processes.


And how have things been going with DocuWare?

First and foremost, DocuWare has cut down on the amount of paper that we were using which means we are also saving a lot on storage costs.

On top of that, our accounts staff are saving time daily processing invoices. They no longer need to enter data manually into our accounts system. Now the majority of the process is automatic.

I know that our accounts team has seen a vast improvement and have been able to turn their attention to other more productive areas.

We previously had one person just doing accounts payable. But now, the AP person is able to assist the AR team. This improvement has been hugely beneficial to our accounting team.


And how many people would be using DocuWare on an average day?

There are three of us using it on a day-to-day basis. However, we are also expanding our use of DocuWare beyond accounting.

Docuworx has created a web-based purchase order form for us so that all of our orders are generated electronically and go directly into DocuWare. This function has further streamlined our operations.

All the workers across all sites are now using the Web-based order forms.


Has it been easy to integrate DocuWare with your existing software and for people to learn how to use it?

Well, it was a bit of a challenge to integrate at first. But, between Docuworx and ourselves, we seem to have ironed out the few issues we had, and the system has been working fine.

One training session was all that we required for everyone to pick it up. I have been back and forth with Docuworx several times clarifying and finetuning things but, it has been an easy system to learn to use.


Would you recommend Docuworx and DocuWare to other companies?

Most definitely, on both counts.

I can recommend DocuWare because of the time, space, and cost savings the system has delivered to us. I love new technology and so for me DocuWare is brilliant.

Our processes are still essentially the same so, implementing DocuWare has been just a matter of digitising them to have less manual handling. So in that respect, it has been fantastic.

One of the great things about DocuWare is its flexibility. You can configure the processes from the ground up. Implementing DocuWare would be beneficial in any industry.

At the same time, the customer service from Docuworx has been top-notch. There is always a teething period when you implement something new. However, Docuworx has been quick to respond to any issues we’ve had and worked with us on solving problems fast.  I could not fault them.

Naaman Stephenson, General Manager