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Free up your Business Valuable Resources
Taking advantage of technology that can improve efficiency and productivity is more important than ever in today’s ultra-competitive business environment.

In our quest to help businesses free up valuable resources for high-value tasks and maximise productivity, Docuworx continues to push the envelope of what’s possible in document processing automation.

Data overload puts a strain on resources

Most enterprises process large amounts of documents – from insurance claims to banking, college applications, invoices and contracts and government documents.

Entering this data manually means long processing times, human errors and ultimately a competitive disadvantage.

In addition, privacy laws add complexity to the process requiring the ability to redact Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on documents.

Docuworx to the rescue

As Australia’s only Platinum Partner of world-leading document management and workflow automation platform DocuWare, we are here to help.

The DocuWare platform features the ability to carry out the most complex challenges in document automation while eliminating manual data entry and errors. The extracted data is readily available to users within seconds, redefining our customers’ “speed of work.”


DocuWare’s unique intelligent indexing function provides users with a highly reliable yet fast and easy way of capturing data from documents and automatically detecting signature or checkbox filled forms.

The technology reads entire documents with a high degree of accuracy. Users can use any scanner, tablet, smartphone and other means to capture the documents or forms.

A customisable solution that works for you

With a customisable workflow design, we can build rules based on keywords or tasks for any document which, leaves traditional fixed form templates totally outdated.

The bottom line is that Docuworx will help businesses drive efficiency and cut costs by capturing data at speeds not previously possible with traditional processes.

In most businesses, many documents continue to be printed out that when they can now easily be digitised. By doing so, Docuworx will expedite processes so your staff can focus their time on high-value tasks instead of paperwork and manual data entry.

The Intelligent indexing function for invoice processing also makes the capture of line-item details in tables easy to set up, even for non-technical resources. It also helps administrators identify information to extract. The workflow automatically creates the processing and approval rules and applies them to any subsequent documents submitted by the same vendor.

Users enjoy high flexibility and customization options while taking advantage of intelligent automation.


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Author: Carlos Lucia
Experienced Director with a demonstrated history of working in the document management industry. Skilled in sales, business development, document management solutions, marketing strategy, and building new business. Strong background in business finance and passionate about facilitating companies' digital transformations. Co-founder and Director of Docuworx, an Australian company that facilitates the digital transformations of businesses and organisations across Asia-Pacific.