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More Credit to the Customer
Poznan, Poland
The records department at the headquarters of Invest Bank S.A. in Poznan, Poland, needed a DMS solution that would prove flexible, easy to modify and would permit adjustments to be made according to their precise specifications. Serving the needs of more than 200,000 customers, the bank required a seamless installation which was completed in less than two months. The integration with the verification and credit documentation system was equally smooth.

Workflow Applications: Credit Intermediations (loans)

Document Types: Credit applications, contracts, customer information


Since its foundation in 1994, lnvest Bank S.A. has developed its core activity as a retail bank. The bank focuses mainly on loans and long-term deposits. Low interest “occasion” loans and also investments in media and finance are part of the business since 1999. Due to the huge quantity of bank mandates, transaction records, loans, credit checks, invoices, email and even signature patterns, and a minimum of 100 credit applications a day, the bank needed to change their way of managing their document workflow.


Initially the Invest Bank’s management wanted to find a solution to improve the speed of the work processes The Task involving loan applications and the filing of the applications themselves and all the documents pertaining. It was absolutely necessary to limit the time required to process the credit documentation verifications. It was also important to obtain a higher degree of integration flexibility with other units, such as the Ultimus BPM Suite Software, which controls the entire process of form completion and activity automation that, previously, had been managed manually. DocuWare needed to provide rapid access to all documents in order to assure customer verification and information purposes – required by bank employees in the credit operation center. Naturally, the bank’s board members and employees insisted that the solution must uphold and secure the bank’s deserved reputation for trustworthiness, such as the customers’ absolute right to privacy and the security of all credit applications. These directives were all successfully followed.

The new solution needed to address:

  • Faster loan verification
  • Easy integration with Ultimus BPM Suite
  • Assure one central document pool for all subsidiaries
  • Privacy of customers is upheld.


The DocuWare solution now offers a convincing range of possibilities for sharing and archiving documents needed in the credit department. Employees go into DocuWare in order to file and view credit applications, customer information, correspondence and contracts. As most documents are scanned, including 200 letters coming in each day, several scanning and indexing workstations have been set up to securely store documents with logical barcodes or access numbers. The credit approval employee stores all information pertaining to the customers in DocuWare. After a customer’s application has been approved, he or she signs a 50-page agreement. This is also immediately scanned into DocuWare while customers keep a hard copy. All credit verification documents are seen in DocuWare, while interacting with the original system that manages the physical archive, the electronic Loan Documentation System. Users easily and quickly manage the actual physical location of documents, document status and borrowing of documents, as well as open archived documents with a single click.


The key benefits for Invest Bank S.A. included:

  • Instant credit verification
  • Sharing of customer information between bank employees
  • More loans processed in less time
  • Increased profits.

By using any Internet browser, users (from any location or users with specific authorizations) can within seconds, access images of the documents they require, whereas before they had to collect physical files in different departments. Employees also used to email each other various customer information files. Now, as a direct result of the interoperability between DocuWare and Ultimus BPM software, the speed of the new work process of the credit verification has significantly increased its effectiveness. For example, the loan application department currently processes at least 1,500 credit applications a month and each application involves five separate forms. DocuWare now enables the process of 7,500 new and highly confidential documents to be added to the existing resources, making them instantly available by simply keying in one access number for that customer.

As a direct result, the time required to verify credit documentation, including the comprehensive storage of information and the internal work process involved for all credit documentation, has been dramatically reduced and therefore allows an increase in the pure number of loans processed and approved. The streamlined credit documentation verification process and the automatic notifications process which indicate the need for a signature or stamp are now an irrevocable part of the solution in all departments, providing a secure measure to approve loans. The easy integration with other interfaces took a mere five working days.

DocuWare modular structure provides the loans department with the flexibility and freedom to adjust the configuration of the solution the way they need it specifically at any time.

Jacek MaƄkowski
IT Specialist

Specific departments now have distinct access to our customer records. We no longer need to share or forward the same records as everything can be found in one repository. This saves us a considerable amount of time.