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Streamlining workflows for an established fluid systems manufacturer
Manchester, UK
Customer focus, continuous improvement and innovation are just some of the core company values that have helped Swagelok Manchester to become a leading provider of fluid system solutions to customers in the North-West of England for 35 years.

Streamlining workflows for an established fluid systems manufacturerWorkflow Applications: Accounting, Order Processing & Warehouse / ERP

Document Types: Bank Statements, Account Records, Offers, Order Confirmations, Inventory Lists, Incoming AJP Invoices, Product Information & Warehouse Inventory Records


Growing success also meant a huge growth in documents for all their paper-based administrative and logistical processes. Workflows were increasingly time and cost-intensive. Managing their filing was costing them 30 minutes per day, per employee. When the management team at Swagelok Manchester realised that the company had to put in weekend hours to tackle the out-of-control paper archive every quarter, it was time to take action. Inspired by the DocuWare system used by Swagelok’s sales and service centre in Munich, the Swagelok Manchester team began looking at ways to incrementally digitize their operations.


After seeing the benefits of the Munich operation, they decided to implement DocuWare in Manchester. To ensure a seamless transition from analog to digital document management, the local DocuWare Partner prepared a detailed analysis and documentation of various business processes as well as their existing IT infrastructure. Led by • Sue Brennan, Information System Manager for Swagelok Manchester, they created a four-step plan with their Authorized DocuWare Partner which called for successive, department-centric implementation. One of the goals was to make sure that during implementation there would be
no interruption of their daily processes. They also wanted to ensure rapid acceptance among users. In addition, the system needed to be integrated with existing software applications like a SCALA ERP system, SIMPLE barcoding inventory management solution, and Crystal Reports reporting program.

The solution needed to:

  • Analyse existing processes
  • Develop successive implementation concept
  • Integrate DMS in the existing application landscape
  • Define custom workflows.

Swagelok Manchester are enjoying many benefits through the use of their DMS, according to project manager Sue Brennan. “Our productivity has increased significantly. Alone in Order Processing, the six employees working there were able to recapture 15 hours of work time per week by eliminating the daily paper chase.” Paper was also significantly reduced for invoicing: 70 percent of the approximately 100 invoices generated per day are now sent electronically by email. Also the majority of monthly invoices going to 700 established customers are now emailed. Only 270 of them receive their monthly statement by mail. “Another positive is that with the help of Crystal Reports, collections are largely automated with reminders going out by email as well,” adds Sue Brennan.

Key benefits to Swagelok include:

  • Reduced paper
  • Higher productivity
  • Central document pool
  • Improved data security
  • Access for employees working remotely
  • Improved customer service through quicker response.