PRESS RELEASE: Docuworx rolls out DocuWare version 7.3

Adelaide, Australia, July 31, 2020: Docuworx Australia Pty Ltd (‘Docuworx’ or ‘the Company’), a Platinum Partner of leading document management and workflow automation provider DocuWare, has commenced the rollout of DocuWare version 7.3 to all of its Asia-Pacific clients.

DocuWare officially announced the release of version 7.3 of its flagship software in June. As part of the DocuWare’s continued focus on accelerating and improving business processes, version 7.3 boasts compelling new features.

These include new web client services that enhance the delivery of remote, fast and secure information access, as well as new mail archiving which establishes more flexible storage guidelines.

In addition, new configurations including a Barcode section and annotation features promise higher accuracy of information and workflows.

Docuworx commenced rolling out version 7.3 to its clients in June and is about halfway through the process, according to the Company’s director and co-founder Dimitri Kostarelis.

“While our cloud clients are updated automatically, Docuworx is responsible for updating our on-premise clients,” he said. “We anticipate completing the rollout by the end of August.”

Kostarelis said that DocuWare’s updates, which occur approximately every six months, are critical in a world of fast-paced technological development.

“DocuWare does a great job of combining user feedback and rigorous R&D in order to improve its world-leading software in every update,” he said.

Another change in version 7.3 has seen many features moved from DocuWare Administrator to DocuWare Configuration, ensuring faster technological update to every system.

DocuWare president Dr. Michael Berger said that version 7.3’s new features will help companies during the current challenging business environment.

“At this time, when every business is enormously dependent on digital solutions to power remote workforces and maintain business continuity, it was more important than ever to deliver new features that are proven to ensure safe, secure and high-speed management of data, processes and documents,” he said.

DocuWare Version 7.3 is available in cloud and on-premises versions. DocuWare provides feature parity between deployment options. For on-premises customers, updates to 7.3 can only be made from version 7 to 7.2.


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