Paperless Healthcare

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Paperless healthcare on the rise and readily accessible to smaller players


At Docuworx, we often recommend going paperless as an initiative well-suited to those looking to start their digital transformation. A recent story from a healthcare provider in the US highlights some of the benefits of going paperless and how you don’t have to be a major player with a huge budget to digitise parts of your business.


In August 2019, the Williamson Memorial Hospital announced that it has implemented a paperless registration process and Meditech-as-a-Service (MaaS) a web-based electronic health record (EHR).


The paperless registration process allows patients to electronically sign all documents, resulting in significant paper and cost savings for WMH while also providing a superior patient experience.


Meanwhile, the cloud-based MaaS delivers all benefits of EHR without the burden or costs of in-house IT responsibilities and hardware.


WMH patient access director Angela Davis said going paperless not only helped reduce costs associated with paper and printing, but also freed up important office space.


“We can conduct business more efficiently resulting in faster responses to patients,” she said. “Having a paperless system allows for efficiency for our patients and clients, which is very important. You can easily and securely provide and receive documents that are needed in a much shorter time span while also assisting other patient care needs.”


It is a common misconception that a digital transformation such as the one being undertaken by WMH must be an expensive and difficult process that can only be done by large players.


On the contrary, there can be significant advantages to being smaller and nimbler, as there are fewer employees to train on the new systems and less legacy infrastructure to deal with.


WMH is not a sprawling, multi-million-dollar city hospital with thousands of beds, it is a 50-bed community hospital in West Virginia.


Now, thanks to paperless registration, WHM staff can quickly collect, manage and share registration information without printing or scanning forms – and they have more space to do so in. As a result, they can focus on patient care rather than paperwork, improving the patient experience in the community.


Docuworx’s Document Managing Systems can store patients records in a central document pool for easy access and retrieval.


The hospital of the future means more patients, shorter wait times, and better use of bed occupancy – all while meeting growing demands in quality. A critical part of this vision is finding the most modern Document Management and Automated Workflows System.


Looking to embark on your digital transformation?

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