Many production facilities are overwhelmed with managing the growing piles of documentation that are involved in any single manufacturing process. Letters, e-mails, accounting records and CAD plans which all have to be retained by law long term, can fill folders, binders and even entire rooms!

Paper documents have a way of getting lost in a work area or remote location and even when a company does its best to store documentation in a network, employees often have trouble opening or using files, if the correct version or software is not installed on their PC.

DocuWare enables any size organisation – in any industry – to transform documents into valuable capital. Regardless of format or source DocuWare automates business processes and workflows by electronically managing and sharing documents. Documents are readily available, where and when needed.

Engineering processes are complex and involve large volumes of documentation in varying formats that are shared between architects, designers, engineers, contractors, suppliers and manufacturers. Sharing and managing the flow of information that includes CAD Drawings, design files, emails and other supporting documentation is paramount to a efficient engineering process.

With Electronic Document Management, engineering organisations of all sizes can benefit from automated workflows that streamline and manage their business processes. Information is readily available and accessed from a central document pool by those who need it whenever and wherever they might be. Documentation is transformed into valuable capital, reducing costs and improving productivity

Manufacturing and Quality Control With DocuWare, you speed up production and manufacturing while increasing your company’s legal security. Quality Control profits from a transparent well-organized information management software. Our system safely stores everything to fulfill the documentation needs of today’s Product Liability laws and retention schedules.

  • Manage quality tracking and document control
  • Maintain and facilitate ISO compliance and certifications
  • Eliminate errors, delays and duplication of efforts
  • Centralize training manuals and work instructions
  • Version control of procedures and records
  • Secure access to manufacturing quality records
  • Streamline electronic document delivery and approval process
  • Log all steps and actions electronically
  • Audit processes and systems easily
  • Convert paper documents into searchable digital text format





  • Thanks to the DocuWare solution, retrieval time has been reduced from up to 24 hours to just a few seconds. The cost of retrieval has dropped as well. Archived documents can be shared, and a workflow system can be built up at a later point in time.

    Slawomir Stasiak
    Manager, Process Management Team Operations Planning & Development
    GE Captial Bank

    GE Captial Bank
  • DocuWare is the cornerstone of our IT strategy, helping us to integrate software applications from all of our offices around the world, shrink costs and simplify the exchange of experiences.

    Rainer Heisel
    Director IT / Organization

  • Every year we process over 600,000 AR/outgoing invoices and 450,000 AP/incoming invoices with automatic document workflows. We saved a ton of time and significantly improved our service program for both our dealers and suppliers. Because the DMS project was amortized within a year, we are saving a lot of money.

    Teun Kremers
    IT Project Manager
    DAF Trucks

    DAF Trucks
  • Filing our documents electronically made it possible to reduce the costs for our archive by more than 90 percent. The easy operation and the constant access to all invoices save us immense amounts of time and money. The fast acceptance by employees in various departments such as sales, human resources, and accounting proves that our decision to implement DocuWare was right.

    Mag. Rudolf Bubich
    Director of Accounting

  • With a modern cloud solution in combination with high-performance multifunction devices, we are now well-equipped for the future. We are convinced that the increasing digitalization of business processes will help us to significantly save both time and money.

    Ralf Mech
    Facility & EHS (Environmental, Health, Safety) Manager Central Europe
    Levi Strauss & Co

    Levi Strauss & Co