Docuworx’s core solution adds electronic signatures functionality

In an age in which data breaches are becoming the norm, security and compliance is at the forefront of most CIOs minds. 

Docuworx places a high priority on security so we are pleased to announce that DocuWare, of which we are a Platinum Partner, has this month integrated electronic signatures provider Validated ID into its core solution. 


Digitally transform authentication 

Validated ID is a verified Trust Service Provider with services which allow for electronic signatures to be used as proof of authenticity or to ensure a document has not been altered. 

Electronic signatures can be used on a wide range of documents including proposals, sales contracts, employee benefits forms, vendor agreements, and other documents that require a verified signature for audit and compliance purposes. 

“Validated ID is the ideal partner for us thanks to its wide range of electronic signatures,” said President of Docuware Dr. Michael Berger said in a Validated ID blog post. “This cooperation is a great advantage for our customers.” 

Research by the Association for Information and Image Management (AAIM) shows that electronic signatures are fast becoming a necessity for modern companies undergoing digital transformations. 

According to AAIM’s study, 84% of respondents see authorisation signatures as essential. 

In addition, almost 50% say that around a third of the documents they print are for the sole purpose of adding signatures. That’s a lot of wasted time, money and resources. 

With DocuWare, you can now incorporate the process of obtaining, receiving and archiving electronically signed documents as part of a workflow. 


Why use electronic signatures? 

Electronic signatures have many advantages over traditional signatures. For example: 

Stronger security and compliance: Eliminate the risk that a document has been altered, signed by an authorised person or unsigned. With Validated ID, electronic signatures meet the current security requirements and can be accessed immediately when proving compliance is required. 

More efficient and cost-effective: Enjoy cost-savings on stationery, postage, and employee time spent filing, archiving and retrieving documents. Eliminate bottlenecks in workflows caused by slower paper-based processes. 

More agile, more space: Accommodate your remote or geographically distributed customers and vendors with mobile access. Eliminate clutter in your office when you toss out those now unnecessary filing cabinets. 


Next steps 

DocuWare users have access to a range of Validated ID electronic signature solutions, depending on whether signers visit your location in person, what type of device is being used, and the level of security required. 

Setting up this service is a breeze as it is a one-time process. Simply contact us and we will register your business with Validated ID. We’ll work with you to select the type of signature service that best suits your business. There a variety of pricing options including flat flee, annual package or usage-based. 

To learn more, reach out via our contact page.