Docuworx helps Gliderol improve its auditing process and transition to remote working

Gliderol is an Australian manufacturing company that has been providing its customers with state-of-the-art garage doors for over 40 years. The company has production facilities in every major capital city in the country and produces and supplies garage doors nationwide. Gliderol has a workforce of around 200 people comprised of office staff, factory floor personnel, managers and supervisors. Docuworx recently spoke with Leanne Baston, CFO at Gliderol, regarding her experience using DocuWare and how it has helped her team.

How long have you been using DocuWare and has it been relatively easy to learn?

We’ve been using it for three years now. For me, it was relatively easy to learn because I have a background in programming. However, it is quite easy to train others as the software is designed in a way that is very intuitive.

What improvements have you noticed since you started using DocuWare?

I run the finance team for Gliderol, which is a reasonably sized manufacturing company. DocuWare has enabled me to keep the same level of staff although our business has increased by 45%.

Obviously, we’re living in a new world right now with COVID-19 – has it help you at all with working remotely?

Absolutely. With DocuWare, we have turned all of our receivables, payables and purchasing electronic. Apart from dispatches which have retained a physical component, we have no paper that we print and produce anymore. We have scanned over 400 archive boxes, which is the five years’ worth of archives, that we must keep for tax records. That has freed up space and allows us to quickly lookup things online. At present, 6 out of my team of 10 are all working from home but it has had no impact on our operations.

The end of the Australian fiscal year is looming – how will DocuWare help with the auditing process?

Communication is always a key issue in the auditing process. Using DocuWare I’ve created what we call a communication tracker. If someone has a question, they can type it into DocuWare and get a response. I can see if people are responding in an appropriate time frame and monitor the process a lot more easily. Reading the history of requests makes us aware of the questions the auditors are asking, enabling us to prepare better for the next year, and enables the Audit Manager to manage their staff better.

So it is helping you streamline and remove some pain from the auditing process?

Yes. Now we don’t have the auditors bothering staff with historical transactions, who might be doing other important tasks such as stock takes, with questions. Stored in DocuWare is everything that the auditors need to conduct their audit. All our data is stored electronically within DocuWare and with training each year audit staff are able to extract it as they need it. We have created a monthly routine where the staff in their areas store data directly into DocuWare so when we get to the end of the financial year there isn’t a mad rush to prepare for the auditors. Data is validated as it’s going in so it creates consistency around the terminology and improves the speed at which data can be retrieved.

And how has Docuworx’s service been throughout this process?

Docuworx has been really good. We started with somebody else initially and we were moving faster than they could cope with, so I found Docuworx and contacted them. If I give them a project, they are very quick to respond. They also have trained me which in turn allows me to train others internally. They are also very creative in coming up with a solution when I give them a problem I need resolving.

Would you recommend DocuWare to other similar-sized companies?

I think DocuWare is good for any size company. The main thing is you need to know the problems you are trying to solve first. If you know what you want, DocuWare will very quickly help you to achieve it.