We understand that starting and running a charity involves a lot of paperwork and record keeping – most of which needs to be kept securely and in order, for tax relief and compliance purposes. Charities are legally required to keep certain records over a long period. Historical data in relation to fundraising, financial, compliance and promotional activities can be requested by the Australian Charity and Not-for-profit Commission (ACNC) at any time.

In addition to compliance, one of the main drivers for digitalising paperwork within a charity is to free up office space and save money on survey data capture and processing.

Electronic document management facilities this by dramatically reducing document retrieval and processing times and freeing up valuable office space, reducing the overall cost associated with paper based documentation. DocuWare means charitable organisations can run more efficiently, maintain compliance, and save time and money on manual processes and data capture.

  • Easily store and retrieve and organize volunteer applications, donor records, employee files, tax records, etc.
  • Meet compliancy requirements by having a back-up database of all mission critical documents
  • Share and collaborate on documents throughout the organization
  • Restrict user access to particular documents
  • Increase efficiency by reducing the amount of time spent filing and searching for hard copy documents
  • Save time by using e-forms to on-board new employees and volunteers





  • Thanks to the DocuWare solution, retrieval time has been reduced from up to 24 hours to just a few seconds. The cost of retrieval has dropped as well. Archived documents can be shared, and a workflow system can be built up at a later point in time.

    Slawomir Stasiak
    Manager, Process Management Team Operations Planning & Development
    GE Captial Bank

    GE Captial Bank
  • DocuWare is the cornerstone of our IT strategy, helping us to integrate software applications from all of our offices around the world, shrink costs and simplify the exchange of experiences.

    Rainer Heisel
    Director IT / Organization

  • Every year we process over 600,000 AR/outgoing invoices and 450,000 AP/incoming invoices with automatic document workflows. We saved a ton of time and significantly improved our service program for both our dealers and suppliers. Because the DMS project was amortized within a year, we are saving a lot of money.

    Teun Kremers
    IT Project Manager
    DAF Trucks

    DAF Trucks
  • Filing our documents electronically made it possible to reduce the costs for our archive by more than 90 percent. The easy operation and the constant access to all invoices save us immense amounts of time and money. The fast acceptance by employees in various departments such as sales, human resources, and accounting proves that our decision to implement DocuWare was right.

    Mag. Rudolf Bubich
    Director of Accounting

  • With a modern cloud solution in combination with high-performance multifunction devices, we are now well-equipped for the future. We are convinced that the increasing digitalization of business processes will help us to significantly save both time and money.

    Ralf Mech
    Facility & EHS (Environmental, Health, Safety) Manager Central Europe
    Levi Strauss & Co

    Levi Strauss & Co