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Why Do You Need a Document Management System?
“I don’t see the need for a Document Management System (DMS) – we’re storing all our documents in folders on our server or Google Drive. It’s how we’ve always done it and it works.”

I hear this kind of thing from potential clients all the time.

What they don’t realise is that not using a DMS can be costly.

Without a DMS, things get lost, causing delays and hurting your businesses’ performance.

I’m sure you’ve experienced the frustration of trying to find documents or wasted valuable time waiting for approvals.

Whether you’re wanting to get some time back in your day, digitise your paper-based processes or make them more productive and efficient, considering a DMS may be for you.

Still not convinced?

Here are 3 reasons why you should consider implementing a DMS today:

Save time

Manual, paper-based processes can be automated to give your valuable time back. Let’s consider a typical accounts payable process for example. Usually, an invoice starts electronically – as an email attachment. It then gets printed and gets passed around physically between departments, with key information such as GL & GST Codes, and line-item totals being hand-written over the invoice. Sometimes the invoice goes missing altogether and the process starts all over again!

Then…wait for it… all this information is then manually keyed into your finance system or ERP, and then stored physically into a file cabinet.

With a DMS, all of this can be done using software. Digitised, automated and remote approvals, annotations, stamping, and GL Coding create a complete audit trail that shows who did what, and when.

The system simplifies the whole process, removing errors and drastically improving productivity….and NO PRINTING is required whatsoever.

Find information effortlessly.

Chances are, you have recently struggled to find important information.

If you’re reliant on others saving documents (or even yourself), you need to remember EXACTLY how the document was saved, and which folder it was in. This can cause frustration and frankly, is an absolute waste of our time!

A DMS makes searching for documents incredibly straightforward. You just need to know SOMETHING about the document that you’re looking for, hit ‘search’ and all your documents and related documents will appear. User privileges and security protocols are assigned depending on document type or role.

Make auditing a breeze:

Conducting an audit is not high on anyone’s list of fun things to do. In fact, 37% of accounting professionals said that a sales tax audit would be more stressful than a divorce, according to a survey by Wakefield Research.

One of the biggest issues is the large amount of documentation required for an audit. If you have been relying on manual processes, it is likely that your documents are scattered across your business. To make matters worse, they may even be in different formats, with some in employees’ inboxes and digital folders, and others in filing cabinets.

A DMS links all documents and messages involved with each transaction while matching invoices with purchase orders and receipts. This searchable audit trail reduces your chances of losing important paperwork. It can also help you maintain regulatory compliance. Furthermore, IT SAVES YOU TIME… and a lot of it. All the information is instantly available at your (or your auditors) fingertips making the audit process a breeze.

How about a taste test?

Docuworx is Australia’s only Platinum Partner of world-leading DMS DocuWare.

DocuWare has just released the latest version of its software (7.4), giving you access to three pre-configured business processes. This will provide you with the unique opportunity to have certainty about the usefulness of a DMS before committing to your digital transformation project.

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