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Proud to be a Leader in Document Management
Docuworx is an Australian company specialising in document management and automating business processes. Seven years ago, we embarked on a journey with DocuWare, driven by our recognition of its leadership in document management technology.

We founded our partnership with DocuWare on a shared vision of efficiency, innovation, and empowering businesses with seamless document solutions. As we reflect on the past seven years, our conviction in DocuWare’s prowess has only deepened.

Today, over 100 businesses in Australia, large and small across various industries, are benefiting from using DocuWare to streamline a range of processes that have improved efficiency and productivity, reflecting their success.

In the ever-evolving landscape of document management, DocuWare has consistently stood out as a beacon of excellence. Its commitment to staying ahead of the curve, embracing emerging technologies, and listening to the evolving needs of its users has propelled it to the forefront of the industry.

What sets DocuWare apart is not just its cutting-edge technology but also its unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. Through personalised support, continuous updates, and a user-friendly interface, DocuWare has met and exceeded the expectations of businesses worldwide.

Recent research from SoftwareReviews based on DocuWare user feedback was published, which meant the world to us, giving statements from users across the globe recognising DocuWare as a leader in the field with comments such as:

“Easy to use, great customer service” Is user-friendly, easy to store documents, including emails stored directly from Outlook with attachments, and easy to retrieve and view documents. Excellent customer service. No more paper files. Documents are retrievable by all users who need access.

“Best online file cabinet and document processing system” HIPAA-enabled. Using forms to capture new patient data has made our office much more efficient, as well as workflows. Integrations with external applications can add information from our ERP system or search in DocuWare using metadata from the primary system. Streamlined new patient forms process so patients can enter info from their screen (computer, tablet, or phone) and submit it directly to our office. It saves paper and removes friction in the new patient onboarding process.

“Secure file storage and management for sensitive documents like contracts and invoices” This tool is incredible. It allows us to safely store and archive important documents centraly, such as contracts, invoices, and agreements. All data is encrypted and secure. This functionality makes it a reliable tool for sending documents for electronic signatures, collecting information for invoices, and more. The best part is that all of our team members can review and see these documents if they need to refer to them later.

“DocuWare converted our paper A/P process into a smooth online workflow” The DocuWare consultant tailored the product to our specific needs. We incorporated many validations and lookups to target our ERP ( SAGE). The intelligent indexing and machine learning OCR feature was impressive and met expectations, recognising surprising differences in our vendor base.

These kind of feedback from numerous DocuWare users across the globe assure us that as we look ahead to the future, we do so confidently, knowing that our partnership with DocuWare positions us at the forefront of innovation in document management. We are poised to continue leading the way, transforming the document management landscape, and empowering businesses to thrive in the digital age. With DocuWare as our partner, the possibilities are limitless, and the future is brighter than ever.

Author: Carlos Lucia
Experienced Director with a demonstrated history of working in the document management industry. Skilled in sales, business development, document management solutions, marketing strategy, and building new business. Strong background in business finance and passionate about facilitating companies' digital transformations. Co-founder and Director of Docuworx, an Australian company that facilitates the digital transformations of businesses and organisations across Asia-Pacific.