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iPaaS: Cloud-to-Cloud Integration Made Easy
Tedious interface programming? That was yesterday! With DocuWare iPaaS Connectors, you can exchange data and documents with over 1000 other cloud applications to accelerate workflows in your company.

Linking multiple cloud applications can be difficult. Cloud systems are often effectively isolated, and the programming of individual interfaces can be complex. With DocuWare iPaaS Connectors, you can use your data to drive your entire business.

On integration platforms such as Make, you can network your DocuWare Cloud with other business applications and thus keep the workflows in the company running, avoiding cost traps from faltering processes.

Instead of individual programming, cloud applications connect with the DocuWare iPaaS Connector. A universal module and not set to a single application. The result is the DocuWare Cloud can automatically exchange data with all other business applications on the platform.

Three examples:

  • Synchronization of booking data: Booking data of invoices archived in DocuWare that have gone through the invoice verification process in DocuWare are exported automatically to an ERP or accounting software.
  • Comparison of master data: Company master data from the CRM is compared with DocuWare so that the data in all systems involved is always up to date. Ensuring the correct data is displayed for the documents during file cabinet research.
  • Reconciliation of purchase requisitions: Requests are recorded and stored via DocuWare form. For further use, this data is then automatically exported to the ERP.

The DocuWare iPaaS Connector also has a clickable, clearly organized interface. That’s why workflows via iPaaS are quicker and easier to implement and maintain than individually programmed interfaces.

The DocuWare iPaaS Connector on the platform is available for free. On the DocuWare side, it only requires a DocuWare Client license to log in to DocuWare. The billing of transactions is usage-based directly via Make.

Security? DocuWare is GDPR certified, ensuring all your data is secure, maintenance-free, and managed by MS Azure.

Author: Carlos Lucia
Experienced Director with a demonstrated history of working in the document management industry. Skilled in sales, business development, document management solutions, marketing strategy, and building new business. Strong background in business finance and passionate about facilitating companies' digital transformations. Co-founder and Director of Docuworx, an Australian company that facilitates the digital transformations of businesses and organisations across Asia-Pacific.