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Gain 8 hours of more productivity per week
With Easter just around the corner, many of us are looking forward to enjoying a nice long weekend. But what if I told you that you could gain a whole extra day’s worth of work each and every week simply by implementing a Docuworx solution?

And what if your competitors may have the edge on you because they are already doing so?

These are the questions I recently posed to the CFO of a major Engineering company here in Adelaide.

“If we could reduce the need for manual tasks and automate key processes, that would be an amazing time-saver,” was his reply.

Like many other prospective clients that we speak with, this CFO went on to say that the key challenge lies in choosing the right solution.

Fortunately, this does not have to be such a daunting task. I was quickly able to provide the CFO with a demonstration of how our DocuWare platform, can get his company started on its digital transformation.

He was impressed, immediately seeing the benefits of using technology to manage day-to-day tasks, enter data, search for documents, route invoices, and cut down on unnecessary paper.

As a Platinum Partner of DocuWare, we are ready to assist companies of all sizes with their digital transformation initiatives. Read on to discover five key ways that you gain up to eight hours a week by using this world-leading business solution.

It would almost be like having a long weekend every week!

Search faster

Did you know that the average employee wastes 3.5 hours per week searching for documents that they end up being unable to find? This time-consuming problem will become a thing of the past thanks to digital document management, which reduces the time spent searching for documents to a matter of seconds. And with DocuWare’s powerful automated indexing system, you’ll never have to be concerned about misplacing critical documents again.

Boost speed

The average employee spends up to 4.3 hours every week on manual approvals such as invoices and application forms. To make things worse, such documents often require multi-level approvals, which means they must be passed around the organisation. With DocuWare, you can create digital invoices with intelligent indexing for instant retrieval as well as preconfigured workflows for seamless approval routing.

Automate workflows

Shuttling paperwork between various departments not only takes time but also introduces a heightened risk of potentially costly errors. By using digital workflows you can create ‘rules’ that will improve transparency, compliance and efficiency. For example, you can establish automatic approvals based on amounts, vendors or other data and make sure the right documents get to the right decision-maker.

Reduce routine tasks

Many of your company’s most common business processes probably require your employees to perform repetitive and routine manual entry tasks. However, it does not have to be this way. With an automated solution such as DocuWare, data can be shared between the document management system and an ERP or accounting system, eliminating duplicate data entry and allowing your employees to focus more of their efforts on higher-value tasks.

Improve collaboration

Maintaining all your documents in a centralised repository makes it easier for your employees to collaborate on projects, resulting in time-savings and improved business outcomes. For example, your company’s business proposal may include documents from different departments. Before submitting the proposal to a prospective client, you can digitally “staple” the documents together and instantly send them to the departments in question to review.

When all these benefits are combined, it is easy to see how DocuWare can be a major time-saver for your company. At Docuworx, that DocuWare is the ideal digital transformation tool for Australian companies that are looking to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

To learn more about how Docuworx can assist your business or organisation, book a free trial today.