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3 Steps to Going Paperless in 90 Days
As the pace of digital transformation picks up worldwide, many organizations are faced with a question: Where do we start?

Although companies we speak to are quick to understand that digitizing aspects of their business is a necessity in today’s environment, taking that first step can be daunting.

At Docuworx, we often suggest going paperless as a first initiative for companies looking to commence their digital transformation.

Key Benefits
The key reasons for this are that it is something that can quickly produce measurable results and, perhaps more importantly, it is achievable within a clearly defined and relatively short timeframe. Here are some of the compelling reasons for going paperless:

Eliminate clutter: No more filing cabinets, printing devices, and paper storage.
Streamline workflows: Our Docuware automated workflow solution makes the right content available at the right time for the right person.
Increase agility: You are just competing with the company next door anymore. Globalisation means you have global competitors that are also improving their systems yearly. In this environment, you must stay competitive.
Reduce business risk: Digitising your documents makes it easier to adhere to compliance and reduces the likelihood of missing documents. Docuware estimates the cost of each missing document is, on average, $700, while each misfiled document costs your business $125. In addition, 70% of business risk failure is due to catastrophic paper loss and 98% of enterprise printers are unsecure and open to hacking.
Forge better customer relationships: Having all your information instantly available at your fingertips means you can improve the speed and quality of your service.
Enhance visibility: Digital workflows improve transparency, allowing management to monitor processes for smarter decision-making.
Save the planet: Hit your ‘green’ initiative targets and reduce your carbon footprint. It is good for the planet and your company’s image.
Having addressed the ‘Where’ and the ‘Why’, it is time to move on to the ‘How’. We recommend three steps to achieving this digital transformation.

#1 Develop your team and analyze processes ( Days 0 – 30 )
Develop your team: It is safe to say that no initiative will get off the ground without support from your company’s leadership team. In this deciding phase, you may also want to get input from end users who often understand more about the day-to-day work than their managers do. Make sure everyone is onboard with the initiative and that they are aware changes are coming.

Analyze processes: Next, you must dig into your business processes to analyze how you capture information. You will ask and answer key questions such as, ‘How does information enter my business?’ ‘How and where is it stored/accessed?’

#2 Design the solution and create awareness (Days 31 – 60)
Design the solution: In this phase, you will decide which software components and features best suit your business. You will also need to decide if you are implementing a cloud-based, on-premise, or hybrid solution. No two businesses are alike, and modern solutions require flexibility.

Create awareness: Now you have the mapped the processes and chosen a solution, it is time to create awareness across your business. Schedule regular meetings to show employees how the solution can benefit them.

#3 Deploy your solution, train, and go live (Days 61– 90)
Deploy your solution: Depending on the size of your business and the solution you have chosen, deployment may involve several phases of testing. Test early and often to resolve any issues. Again hold meetings to review the solution and begin training IT administrators and power users.

Train: Once the system is fully deployed, run through one of your processes with sample documents or files as a training exercise. Training time can vary from a few hours for the end users who are limited to a small number of workflows to several days for system administrators. Go live and begin using the solution. Make sure to note any pain points, keeping in mind that the paperless office is an evolving ecosystem.

Go paperless with Docuworx
Ready to take the next step? This is where we come in. Docuworx is an authorised platinum partner of Docuware in Australia, which means we can provide you with the solutions you need to go paperless in 90 days.

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